Boost Holiday Sales with Kitting

Boost Holiday Sales with Kitting

When we tell our clients how easy it is to boost Holiday Season profits with Windward System Five built-in features, we hear this a lot: “You must be kitting!” All puns aside, Windward System Five has several key features that work together to help you run your business better during the holiday season. So that you can sit back and sip egg nog. "Kitting" is a System Five feature that automatically…

A Holiday Story: How Windward Software Came to Be

A Holiday Story: How Windward Software Came to Be

Windward Software began when founder and CEO, Dennis Jacobsen, created a business software solution for a single furniture store in Northern British Columbia, back in 1984.Like other software success stories of the early days, this one also began in a basement, with one man, one computer, and a shoestring budget.After graduating from college, Dennis and his wife, Jean, a nurse, were raising their two…

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