Kevin Schpeeder "Race Across Penticton" (RAP)

In a death defying attempt to set a land speed record from Home to Work, our esteemed colleague Kevin Schilter demonstrated much poise as his failed attempt was worthy of notice not only by the local constabulary but, owing to Kevin eventually pulling over across the street from work, his fine form and effervescent full face blush was witnessed by many a staff member. internet security software comparison As…

Windward software around the world Part 2

It's official. We're opening an office in Brisbane, Australia. Actually, it's inToowong which 5 minutes from downtown Brisbane. We are on level on of the Coronation Place building and our address is 13/10 Benson St, Toowong.Australia, and especially the Brisbane area, has been good for us. Windward has been represented in Australia for many years by Wright Way Business Systems owned by Phil Wright.…

Windward software around the world Part 1

Nestled within the beauty Cebu City in the Philippines and the Cebu IT Park, formerly the Asiatown IT Park, Windward Software has a 344 sq.m. office where 35 eager individuals offer software support, implementation, sales, programing/QA/testing and IT. Under the guidance of General Manager Sydney Blaza, Windward Software's second largest office has, for the last three years (anniversary Dec. 1)…

Webinar meeting software

Like anything now-a-days, there are web pages and videos dedicated to selling you webinar software solutions. Finding unbiased reviews or comparisons of similar products is difficult - it's hard to know if what you are reading is true or a covertly placed advertisement. A Windward Software we are currently using GoToMeeting for our webinars½and just in case you think 'ah-ha! They are related;' we…

A Social Media Moment

Here is a fresh comedic but also informative look at social media sites. At Windward Software we use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, but there are many other sites and, as the creator of this infographic illustrates, reason tot post on those site. You can see the original post for this graphic at essay writing zp8497586rq

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