Why More Companies Are Including Mobile POS Systems for Retail

Arming your staff with mobile devices linked to POS systems for retail is a great way to improve your customers' experience.Retailers are constantly trying to find better ways to improve the customer experience. Whether it's through increased staff training, placing an emphasis on customer engagement or an in-store customer appreciation event, these practices can go a long way in generating brand loyalty.…

3 Things to Consider when Reading POS System Reviews

When it comes time to conduct POS system reviews for your company's business solutions, you'll be amazed by the fully integrated and feature-packed systems offered by providers such as Windward Software.If you're busily scanning search engines to read POS system reviews, it usually means one of two things: you're looking to replace/upgrade an existing system, or you've come to a point in your business…

Play 9 Ball with your Prices and Win 24% More

In our business experience we have seen many different pricing models.  Walk into any retail store and you may see prices ending in 95, 97 and of course the beloved 99.  We've all heard of the reasons for making the price look lower, but does it really work? Are people really going to be effected by a $9.99 price point versus paying $10?  As it turns out, this tactic does indeed work, and has been…

Windward Mobile POS Application for Android

The team at Windward Software has been working diligently over the past few months towards their first mobile pos app for Android users!As we all realize the overwhelming influence mobile technology is having on our lives and that the continued impact of wireless connections have been altering the way we shop and SELL. This is not a new trend, yet it is one that continues to grow!And as Windward Software…

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