Windward Software User Conference 2017

September 13-15, 2017

Windward Software would cordially like to invite you to visit us in Penticton, BC for our 11th Annual User Conference.

Network. Learn. Relax.

Taking place at Windward’s headquarters in Penticton, British Columbia, recently named the world’s #2 Wine Region to Visit in the world by the readers of USA Today, this conference is a yearly educational experience. It is a chance to speak and network with other Windward Software users, have full access to your own selection of educational training sessions to help your business  achieve its full potential, and enjoy the beautifully, warm recreation center of the Okanagan Valley: Penticton. 

Learn from the experts and network with other Windward Users over the three day schedule

Come and meet the people that help your business grow!


Fantastic value at $1800 for all three days of Learning and Networking.  Also includes:

  • Meet the Windward Team - Meet Developers, Management and your Account Managers face to face
  • Meet fellow Windward Users - The surveys consistently give the same feedback; there is a huge value in meeting fellow Windward System Five Users
  • Breakfast, and Lunch all 3 days 

What You Will Learn:

We offer a "Choose your Track" plan that sees multiple topics happening at the same time. As we move closer to the date we poll our client base to make sure that we are delivering the content that they will need. Keep visiting this page in order to see what changes we make!



Welcome, Windward Learning Academy and What's New
This is your opportunity to get a sneak peak at all the cool new stuff we are working on to make sure you can run your business efficiently and effectively. We will also update you on the new things that are cooking in our Windward Learning Academy.


Inventory Tips and Tricks

Inventory Tips and Tricks will expose you to the tools in the software that allow you to manage is the biggest investment that you make; your inventory.  Knowing exactly how big that investment is and whether you are over invested or under invested is vital. 


 CHOOSE YOUR TRACK:  Special Orders OR Streamline Accounting

Streamline Accounting Step into the accounting world with a concentrated look at how to streamline your end of day, month end and year end procedures. We will look at how to use tools like reoccurring journal entries as well as templates to ease the process


Special Orders Are you having issues tracking your customer orders? Have you ever scrambled to find a customer’s order? Have you ever given an order to the wrong customer? Find out how Special Orders and Back Orders can help your business.


CHOOSE YOUR TRACK: Product Returns/Warranty Tracking OR Form Design

Product Returns/Warranty Tracking Are you losing money? Learn how not to do that! Warranty repairs involve parts and labor that are reimbursed by the manufacturer/supplier.


Form Design Are you wondering how to make your invoices, work orders, and PO forms look great and include the info you want on them? System Five contains a very versatile form design solution that once you become familiar with the interface, will allow you to create and customize virtually all the forms you will need for your day to day operations.



Dig into the reporting side of System Five with a concentrated look at the sales reports. See what your top items are, how to be prepared for seasonal sales and how to determine your slow moving items



Physical Inventory Count

Doing a Physical Count of your inventory is the topic that everyone loves to hate.  Some might call it a necessary evil, but with the right approach and using the right tools you will learn how to make it as smooth as possible.  Maybe even fun?


Integrity Checks

System Five operates in a fairly hostile environment; your business!  Computers crash, networks fail and sometimes people do things they maybe shouldn't. Good thing System Five has Integrity Checks!  Learn the simplicity and power of this vital tool to help you put things back where they should be.


 CHOOSE YOUR TRACK: CRM (Customer Relationship Management OR Bank Reconciliation)

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Manage your customer using the built in CRM (Customer Relationship Manager). Create tasks and follow ups, attached invoices to the task for easy follow up. Schedule deliveries and see appointments that have been booked for your day.


Bank Reconciliation How to take the pain and the time out of doing those dreaded bank recs!  Learn the tricks that can help you cut down your bank rec time to minutes instead of hours.


CHOOSE YOUR TRACK: Sales & Promotions OR Data Loading Tips and Tricks

Sales & Promotions Utilize these tolls to set up sales in advance, create promotions and also sell memberships for special occasions.


Data Loading Tips and Tricks Learn how to load or selectively manipulate your items using our dataload feature. With bonus tips on using Excel.


Lookup Words

Lookup Words will explore the powerful tool that allows you to slice, dice and group your data to achieve better business decisions.  With the ability to work with Customers, Suppliers, Inventory, Inventory and Units, Lookup Words you will not disappoint with their flexibility.



Continental Breakfast

Inventory Kits, Case Breakdown, Modifiers

There are many features in System Five that allow the group organizing of inventory for ease of.  Explore some of the advanced inventory handling tools that you may not be using.


Financial Controls

Financial Controls are the keys to making sure you stay compliant with external stakeholders to your business.  Whether it's your banker, investors or auditor, knowing how to communicate clearly is key.


 CHOOSE YOUR TRACK: Common Support Issues OR Touchscreen

Common Support issues Understand more about terminals and how you connect a terminal to the server. The important points regarding backups. Learn some common support issues that could save you a call into our support team.


Touchscreen FAST POS!!  By enabling the Touch Screen interface in the Setup Wizard, you can customize the look, feel and function of the point of sale screen to meet your specific needs, and simplify the processing of your sales which will help the lineups at your tills move faster


CHOOSE YOUR TRACK: Virtual Warehouse OR Rentals

Virtual Warehouse Learn how to import and manipulate suppliers catalogues without effecting your inventory.  


Rentals: Learn about the new features in our Rentals module; new reports, base rates and more. 


General/Product Q&A

In our final schedule the floor is open to ask your outstanding questions by a panel of Windward experts.

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