Around the World in 80 Ways

Around the World in 80 Ways
Cebu I.T. Park is home to Windward Software's Phillipines Office.

If you visit Skaha Beach in Penticton, BC, you’ll pass the Windward Software building, flags waving overhead, home to half of our 100+ employees, consisting of the executive team, sales and marketing, and the bulk of our programmers, implementation team and our advanced support personnel.

We also have five-person offices in Chicago, Illinois, and Brisbane, Australia.

But the most interesting Windward Software office is in an archipelago, far, far, away.

Back in the fall of 2008, Windward Software joined the forward thinkers of the world, including IBM and Microsoft, and set up a satellite office in the iconic Cebu I.T. Park, in Cebu City, Philippines.

Fast forward eight years, and you’ll find a thriving office of 50+ employees that continues to grow.

Today, the bulk of Windward Support Services resides in the Philippines, to ensure that our customers can obtain immediate, personalized 24/7 service across all 36 countries around the world where Windward customers reside.

Unlike other software companies in that region, Windward is not just outsourcing work to contractors to save money.

In fact’s it’s the exact opposite: our Cebu employees are permanently employed by Windward Software and work side-by-side with our Canadian employees.

Daily team meetings are held by teleconference, so faces from across the world become as familiar as if they were down the hallway.

In fact, during the work day, an IT or support message for the entire staff is just as likely to be sent by Ian Hernandez in Cebu, as Steve Cartwright in the Penticton office.

Our commitment to the Cebu office is reflected in a support team of skilled, long-standing employees, many of whom have been with Windward since we opened our Cebu office almost nine years ago.

A core Windward value is that customers who phone us for support are answered by a human, not a voice mail or a detailed computer menu.

As one of our clients, Paul Graydon, owner of Saxon Estate Winery in Summerland, BC, recently told us:

“The support we have received is with real people and really good. Whether I reach someone locally or in the Philippines, the person at the other end of the line is helpful and patient. In fact, the quality of service eliminates the need for manuals. If I need help, I just phone you guys. I’m called back quickly, and my query or problem is dealt with right away."

Last month, a brand new Windward client, Scott Watkins with McCoy’s Outdoors in Marianna, FL, actually visited the Cebu office in the Philippines when he was on vacation with his wife, who was born there.

He was so impressed, he took the time to write directly to our CEO, Dennis Jacobsen. Here’s some of what he had to say:

"After implementation, it was time to turn us over to the talented Support team in Cebu, Philippines.

“We were somewhat apprehensive, as outsourced support in the past had been spotty at best. But our apprehensions quickly faded as we began working and talking with different support reps in the Philippines.”

“Meeting everyone there and seeing your operations in action were very reassuring. Since your offices are located in the prestigious TGU Tower inside the famous Cebu IT Park, I knew instantly you were playing with the ‘Big Boys’. I know from previous visits that both IBM and Apple have complete support-offices there.”

“The people working in your Philippines office by far exceeded my expectations in terms of aptitude and qualifications. The individual talent each person there brings to the table, makes for a team of extraordinary ability.”

Thanks, Scott. We appreciate your feedback and are pleased that you received the high degree of service that we pride ourselves on delivering – from around the world.

If you're already a Windward user and now feel inspired to tour our Cebu office, just call your Account Manager and travel agent, and we'll do the rest.

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