Play 9 Ball with your Prices and Win 24% More

In our business experience we have seen many different pricing models.  Walk into any retail store and you may see prices ending in 95, 97 and of course the beloved 99.  We've all heard of the reasons for making the price look lower, but does it really work? Are people really going to be effected by a $9.99 price point versus paying $10?  As it turns out, this tactic does indeed work, and has been…

Are your prices UNSAFE?

Do you feel confident in the prices that you are currently selling at?  Are they making you the margin you expect?  Our clients often get surprised to find their margins were worse than they thought.  And their costs did not accurately reflect costing updates from their suppliers, accurate freight or even currency fluctuations.  If you suspect you could be experiencing margin erosion, continue…

Congratulations City Furniture & Appliance opening in West Kelowna

Congratulations to Ray & Das Kandola and their family with the opening of their newest location City Furniture & Appliance in West Kelowna.  This beautiful showroom was the hard work of the CFA team with final details happening even hours before the grand opening.  Way to go Kandola's, it looks great! Come and experience this family business and as their tagline says, "We don't sell ¶…

Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliant Software

Being Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant is a significant feat to achieve, specifically in terms of software that deals with payment card processing, such as Windward Software does.As experienced consumers, we see that throughout the world transactions are more and more commonly being conducted via some form of payment card.  Thus, focusing on the protection of information and safeguarding data…

Better Business Bureau (BBB) Windward Software's A+ Rating

update adobe The Better Business Bureau (BBB) sets out to create a society of trustworthy businesses who meet and/or exceed industry standards, strive to attain best practices, and works to the benefit of the marketplace. As the BBB sees trust as a function of two primary factors, integrity and performance, Windward Software thus works to attain both of those factors in all circumstances related to…

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