5 Tips for Improving E-Commerce Using Integrated POS Solutions

E-commerce is an effective sales tool, but it's important to use the appropriate POS solutions to ensure proper functionality that'll benefit both you and your customers.Having access to as wide a market as possible is important to every business. It doesn't get much wider than the Internet, and developing an e-commerce presence using POS solutions is a smart way to go.Whether you're running a bricks-and-mortar…

Why join a Chamber of Commerce?

When you go into business it seems like there are suddenly more ways to spend money than to earn it. Sooner or later the local Chamber of Commerce (C of C's) comes to mind and you have to decide whether to join or not. C of C's come in a variety of sizes, depending on the local offerings and membership. In Canada C of C's are locally operated, often work together in geographical areas and are, themselves,…

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