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As part of a complete business management system Windward's CRM software includes email marketing tools to help maximize every marketing dollar.  Email marketing tools let you connect with your customers to drive successful, profitable and more intimate customer relationships.

A Simpler Approach to Email

At Windward, we help you run your business instead of just reporting on it. We believe that increasing efficiency will save you time and money, so why not apply that to all aspects of your business? We don't just write software, we believe in looking at the business problem and finding the best way to solve it, through the eyes of the entrepreneur. So instead of just developing another email marketing program, we Windward-ized it.

You may already be using email marketing in your business. If this is the case, you’re probably enjoying the benefits of increased communication with your customers and the resulting increased sales and lower marketing costs. You may notice, however, that you’re spending more time managing email lists than creating the emails themselves.

An Integrated Module

Like all Windward Software products, our email marketing is truly integrated. This means no exporting or managing separate contact lists or emails. By incorporating our easy-to-use email editing tool with your customer and inventory information, we allow you to focus on creating content for your emails and newsletters, instead of worrying about the technicalities behind it.

Saving you time and allowing you to run your business easier is our foremost goal and we believe that Windward email marketing does just that. We made it easy to use so that you can get started quickly and see results faster.

  • Put your customer database to good use with email campaigns
  • Target emails to specific customers
  • Create defined lists for easy mail-outs
  • Tremendous potential for ROI
  • Personalize messages based on purchase history
  • Generate new leads through forwarded emails
  • Track marketing campaign effectiveness
  • Save costs on printing, paper and postage
Email stats from Direct Marketing Association<br>

Marketing Made Easy

If you’re not already email marketing, consider how much you currently spend on marketing to existing customers. Do you send customer newsletters? What about birthday greetings and coupons? Or what about instructions for use of products that you sell?  Email communications is affordable, effective, and leverages your customer database that you already have.

More Effective than Print Newsletters and Flyers

What does it cost you to mail out monthly or quarterly paper newsletters? It requires a lot of resources.  Email marketing has huge advantages over traditional mail outs:

  • Super cost effective! No paper, ink, postage, envelopes, labels
  • Save labor on envelope stuffing, labeling, mailing
  • Track results with digital newsletters - who opened and who clicked
  • Direct Marketing Association reports very high ROI (returning $40 for every $1 invested)

No Exporting Hassle!

There are a lot of great email marketing programs out there. Where a lot of them fail is in managing whom you send messages to. If you export your customer list directly out of your POS or customer management software, you could find yourself bogged down organizing the list into groups or creating separate lists of customer birthdays, unsubscribers etc. Suddenly, you’re wasting time managing your lists, instead of focusing on your email content and appearance.

Windward email marketing is fully integrated with your Windward CRM software solution, so there’s no need to export your entire customer list to send emails. Your customer data is automatically imported and filtered based on options that you choose. So whether you want to have customer birthday greetings automatically sent out each month, automatically send instructions to customers that purchased specific items, or send a targeted email newsletter to a specific group of customers, Windward email marketing filters your lists with just a few button clicks.

Setup and personalize your emails with a range of quick filters and dynamic fields<br>

A Personalized Customer Experience

Windward’s CRM software lets you respond automatically to customer purchases with instructions for use, or upselling promotional messages. Imagine this: a new customer comes into your garden store and purchases a tomato plant. While ringing through the sale, you acquire your customer’s email address and enter it into System Five.

Upon arriving home, the customer finds an email in her inbox with planting instructions and other useful information. A month later, she finds another email reminding them to purchase a cage to prevent the stalks from bending or breaking. A short time later, another email is sent containing information on pesticides, with a printable coupon giving your valued customer a discount.

Our CRM software allows emails like this to be automatically sent to any customer that has purchased tomato plants from you in the past. Personalized messages like this are an effective way to foster customer loyalty.

Market to Specific Customers

Windward Software produces mailing lists based on complex information. For example, you can send Christmas cards to all customers that spent more that $500 in the last 12 months, or discount coupons to all customers that purchased certain items in the last four months.

Do you need to remember information like customer birthdays? We have you covered. Our CRM software lets you filter your customers based on different attributes.

Not all of your customers are the same, and they should never be treated as such. With Windward email marketing, you can easily and automatically filter your customer list and send your customers relevant messages based on:

  • Customer data
  • Lookup words
  • Purchase history

Lookup Word Functionality

Our CRM software features a unique lookup word system that allows you to attach specific words to customers. Using this option, you can print mailing lists or create mail-merged letters for all customers or inventory items that have been tagged with these words. For example, a hardware store might want to track its contractors, electricians, plumbers and carpenters. Or a small engine shop might want to track customers that purchase lawnmowers or chainsaws and keep them in two separate lists.  Of course, with our lookup word system, one customer could belong to more than one list. In the above example, a customer might own both a lawnmower and a chainsaw.

Stats give you valuable insight into which email messages or offers are working the best<br>

Track Results

Our CRM software makes it easy to measure the effectiveness of your Windward email marketing campaign. 

You’ll be able to tell who opened your emails and who clicked through on your links. You can also see how many email addresses bounced and how many people opted out of receiving your newsletter.

Seeing these results will allow you to judge which email campaigns are more effective and modify your newsletters to get the bests results within your target audience.

Email templates are a huge time saver and keep things looking consistent and professional<br>

Email Templates

With email marketing, you only have to create your email once, so it takes the same amount of time to create a message for 10 people as it does 1,000. Emails that go unread don’t waste paper, stamps or your time. They simply sit in your customers’ inboxes.

Our CRM software lets you create professional-looking emails quickly and easily by adding your company logo to our ready-made templates (or you create your own). You can also automatically insert inventory information straight from your Windward Software. Our email marketing platform also lets you store photos for ease of use.

After you design an email, you can schedule how frequently you want to send it out in the future (yearly, monthly, weekly etc.).

Many people check email on mobile devices everyday, so often shorter and more frequent emails work best<br>

Promote Products and Services

With Windward’s CRM software, it’s easy to use email to:

  • Promote products and services
  • Remind customers of contract and offer deadlines
  • Run special promotions
  • Broadcast urgent announcements
  • Communicate with customers through newsletters

Sending Useful Information

When used properly, email marketing allows you to build strong relationships with your customers and keep them coming back to your store. You can achieve this by creating professional-looking emails that they'll appreciate receiving. Your customers can opt-in to receive your email newsletter, allowing you to send them timely, informative, professional email communications.

Easy Referrals

Referrals are a great source of business. Why not make it easy for your customers to pass on your message by sending it in an email newsletter? Your loyal customers know what you have to offer, and they know their friends.

How often have you received an email and thought: “Wow, this is exactly what (insert your friends name here) needs,” and forwarded that email to your friend. An email newsletter gives your customers this option and you could potentially put your marketing message in the hands of your exact target market that wouldn't have seen your business otherwise.

Most of those newsletters probably disappear in a pile of other mail and papers on your customers’ desks. Some get recycled or thrown out as soon as they’re received. Plus, it’s difficult to gauge whether someone is reading your message or visiting your website as a direct result of the campaign.

Birthday Emails

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a program that just knew when your customers’ birthdays were, and would automatically send them a great email message? Our CRM software does that, and you only have to program it once. All you have to do is set Windward’s email marketing module to send a message on, say, the first day of each month, to all customers with the birthdays in that month. It’ll keep on sending that email every month until you tell it to stop.

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