Windward System Five on Cloud Advantages

The Basics

  • The same familiar interface that you use daily
  • Critical Business Data is automatically backed up and retained on a regular schedule
    • 1 daily backup for 7 days
    • 1 weekly backup for 4 weeks
    • 1 monthly backup for 6 months
  • Operating system updates are applied automatically
  • Security features are included
    • Antivirus and Anti-malware
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Multi-Factor Authentication

More on Security

We have many layers of security in place to help keep your data safe.

  • DNS level security has been deployed in our data centers to protect against known malware and illegal sites
  • We have an Active Threat Detection team that works 24x7x365 investigating potential issues identified and assists in any remediation required
  • Vulnerability scanning is in place to help identify software that requires updates or needs its configuration hardened
  • We are actively deploying Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to System Five on Cloud subscribers to protect against stolen user credentials
  • Penetration testing to aid in identifying weaknesses that may need further hardening based on active exploits being used by threat actors
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