3 Things Rental Software Does to Help Manage Your Business

3 Things Rental Software Does to Help Manage Your Business
Many equipment rental companies rely on rental software to help manage and maintain their inventories for maximum productivity and efficiency.

Operating a rental-oriented company requires constant vigilance. A high standard of customer service, comprehensive product line and systematic maintenance routines are all necessary to be successful. At the heart of many of these businesses is integrated rental software that helps owners manage each one of these important aspects.

From the time a customer walks up to your counter, to the time they return with the equipment they rented, businesses in the rental game need to know what’s going on. If you can’t tell a client whether a particular piece of equipment is available, you’re going to have problems. That holds true for the different types of rental companies out there:

  • Lawn and garden
  • Audio-visual
  • Parties and events
  • Boats and cars
  • Construction equipment

1. Know Your Product

When it’s bundled as part of an ERP software package, rental software provides powerful insight into your inventory. With real-time tracking functionality, you’ll know whether that Bobcat excavator has been booked out by a customer, is in the shop for maintenance, or out on the lot ready for booking.

If the Bobcat has been rented, you’ll be able to click a few buttons and inform the customer in front of you when it’s due back. A quick inventory search could also provide an opportunity to upsell, as there might be a similar unit available that does more or has improved features.

To keep tabs on the client renting the Bobcat, you can program the scheduling software to remind you to send a friendly message when it’s due back. If they want it for longer (and there’s no one waiting for it), you can easily amend their work order to reflect the extended rental period.

2. Serve Your Customers More Efficiently

Customers appreciate quick, friendly service, and quality rental software can go a long way in helping your employees provide that. It starts with creating a customer database that contains all of the necessary information:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Address
  • Rental history

Once that information is in your business management system, you’ll be able to quickly look them up and process transactions. If they can’t remember the exact model they rented last time, a quick history search will provide the information. 

3. Maintain Your Inventory

The upfront capital required to obtain a rental fleet—whether it’s Ski-doos or rototillers—represents a substantial investment. As your business grows, your product offerings will also likely expand and refine. 

Rental software can help you make the most of this expenditure by scheduling required servicing. This will promote:

  • Longer overall equipment life
  • Optimum performance
  • Less downtime to repairs
  • Increased customer satisfaction

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