Why More Companies Are Including Mobile POS Systems for Retail

Mobile devices linked to POS systems for retail.

Arming your staff with mobile devices linked to POS systems for retail is a great way to improve your customers' experience.

Retailers are constantly trying to find better ways to improve the customer experience. Whether it's through increased staff training, placing an emphasis on customer engagement or an in-store customer appreciation event, these practices can go a long way in generating brand loyalty. When it comes to business management software, more and more companies are starting to win over customers with mobile POS systems for retail.

Bring the Checkout Counter to Your Customer

Consumers have grown accustomed to waiting in line--whether it's in a grocery store, big box store or a bustling sporting goods store--but that doesn't necessarily mean they enjoy it. By implementing POS systems for retail, you'll be one step closer to vastly improving your customers' experience. Here's how:

Increased customer engagement: Store representatives will be able to complete transactions anywhere on the shop floor--and even outdoors for businesses such as garden centres and equipment rental outlets--rather than at a centralized till. This not only reduces potential wait times in the checkout line, it enhances customer interaction and provides the convenience of on-the-spot sales.

Instant stock checks: Any employee with a handheld device linked to the POS system will be able to instantly provide customers with the stock levels of a particular item. If it's a company with multiple stores, they'll also be able to see if a neighbouring outlet has the item as well.

Speedier transactions: As mentioned, POS systems for retail mean you'll no longer have to wait for the customer to come to you, but they also increase transaction speed by eliminating potential errors caused by written orders. By conducting transactions on a handheld device you'll easily be able to:

  • Add and remove items
  • Modify item quantities
  • Provide discounts on sale items (by value or percentage)
  • Cancel sales
  • Park sales
  • Offer refunds

Empower Your Staff

Your store representatives are your frontline of the customer experience. Providing them with product knowledge at their fingertips--in the form of a mobile POS device--will not only boost their ability to sell, it'll also make their jobs easier and possibly more fulfilling. It won't matter if your newest team member can't yet remember your product line; all the information they'll need is just a few taps of a touchscreen away.

Manage Orders and Sales Remotely

Gone are the days when a storeowner or manager had to physically be at the store to keep track of sales. With a compatible handheld POS device, they can access that information anywhere there's a wifi connection. They'll also have access to a variety of reports:

  • X and Z reports
  • Opening and closing inventories
  • Opening and closing checklists
  • User clock in/out reports

If you own an expanding retail company that's in need of flexible business management solutions, read Growing company? Windward Software Will Grow with You.

If you're considering mobile POS systems for retail, Windward Software's Android Mobile POS Software will help you increase sales, improve customer satisfaction and streamline your overall business management practices. From front-end customer service to backend accounting, it'll make your business run smoothly.

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