Reaching for the Clouds

In the past, Windward Software found its success by providing installed software, and our customers always had great results with it. However, given the numerous advantages of cloud-based technology, Windward System Five on Cloud is now our preferred method of deployment.

By offering Windward System Five enterprise resource planning software in a cloud deployed format, we have significantly enhanced how our customers can now do business.

What happens to your data?

Windward Software treats data management extremely seriously, and we have developed tight data management procedures that follow best practices in the industry. As a client of Windward System Five on Cloud, you will be the sole owner of all of your business' data, at all times. Email Sales for more information about our data management practices.


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  • The most secure solution.
  • Full-featured software on a cloud server.
  • Reduce the need for IT hardware and staff.
  • Ideal for businesses of all types.

Rock Solid Technology

Partnering with Microsoft and utilizing their Microsoft Azure cloud platform, we have built out a state-of-the-art Remote Application environment to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.



Always nimble, Windward System Five on Cloud is perfect for any type of business.

How System Five Works in the Cloud

Unlike some of our competitors, we’re not just rolling out a watered down version of our System Five platform to the cloud. You’ll have access to the full-featured package, just like you would with the installed software option.

And even though the software isn’t actually on your desktop, it’ll behave as if it is. Instead, you connect to the cloud through a server, which creates a virtual desktop on your computer. After that, it’s business as usual, as you enjoy the same performance and features you’ve come to expect from our System Five enterprise resource planning software.

Benefits of the Cloud

Two initial and ongoing primary benefits of cloud-based technology are cash flow and convenience. By choosing the Cloud model, there are lower initial costs to get started with our enterprise resource planning software. For instance, you won’t need to purchase a server to support the software, like you would an installed version. Instead, Windward Software manages the server infrastructure, which means lower costs for hardware, software and the people needed to manage it.

Additional advantages are numerous, and include increased data security, system scalability, automatic updates and continual back-ups. Contact a Windward Sales Representative or your Account Manager at your earliest convenience to find out more about what System Five on Cloud can do for your business: +1 (800) 663-5750.


For greater scalability, security, and speed, our cloud-based solution is the best option.

Cloud-based Technology is Simply Better

Cloud-based technology is no longer considered "new" and it has been absolutely proven reliable and able to provide significant advantages over a locally installed solution. The scalability of a cloud hosted solution is one of its strongest characteristics: your devices can be located anywhere in the world and run off the same centralized network provided they have an internet connection. The setup, configuration, maintenance and upfront cost are reduced significantly because of this.

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