Data Security

For many businesses, data security is an important topic that’s often overlooked. There are two aspects to this. The first is password access that allows certain people to only do certain jobs. The other involves the actual data stored on the hard drive.

Windward System Five store management software provides many tools for recovering from a crash. Often, these tools can allow you to continue where you left off, instead of having to re-enter the day’s work. We offer a layered approach to data security. That is, we don't have just one method, but several different methods that overlay one other. If one fails, the others will catch it, giving you peace of mind.

  • Keep sensitive company and customer data secure
  • Grant security access to employees who need it
  • Create user passwords for secure system log-in
  • Track transactions with secure audit trails
  • Edit mistakes to invoices, payments and bills
  • Prevent fraudulent transactions
Windward's Setup Wizard makes managing staff passwords pain-free

Password Security & Access Levels

Password security is an important feature of our store management software. Each user is issued a password, as well as a security level that gives them access to certain system information. Access privileges can be controlled for each function, allowing front-end staff access to the information they need to do their job, while denying them access to confidential or critical information.

For example, users can be given access to commonly used front-end functions, such as invoicing and inventory inquiries. They can also be kept out of the general ledger, payables and other sensitive financial information. Users can also be authorized to view, but not edit information. Similar password set-up screens are available for payables, ledger and inventory control by clicking on the appropriate tags.

Staff can access only what you want them to
Sales has its own group of detailed permissions - great to separate new employees from experienced
Customer communications can set on an individual staff level
Assign access based on job roles for simplicity and error prevention
Corrections and changes to invoices, payments, etc. are recorded to keep everyone accountable and protect the store

Audit Trails

Windward’s store management software brings you the best of two worlds. If you make a mistake, you can easily edit and correct the invoices, payments, bills or checks. To protect the store, all transactions are posted to a secure audit trail. For every transaction, it reports the:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Terminal number
  • User (employee)
  • Invoice number
  • Customer name
  • Dollar amount


Financial Reporting


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