Addressing the Multi-store Challenge

If you own more than one store, you know all about the challenges of maintaining an up-to-date, accurate information network across your entire business operation. This is where Windward Software's business management software can help.

The Windward System Five business management system incorporates a multi-store software module that’s designed specifically for businesses with more than one outlet, or for collective groups of store owners.

Get the Full Report When You Need It

Imagine the luxury of arriving at your central office in the morning and having all of the management reports from each store location, plus an amalgamated report showing totals for your entire operation. With Windward Software, you can easily generate department summaries, store balance reports, sales and inventory totals and many other documents on a daily basis without leaving your office.

  • Scalable software that grows with you
  • Make decisions based on real-time reports
  • Manual and automatic inventory transfers
  • Maintain tight company-wide inventory control
  • Easily track deliveries and warehouse distribution
  • Complete customer history from all locations
  • Create master store to operate as single entity
  • Work from anywhere with remote operation
All the power of a complete POS system, inventory control, accounting, and business management software - MULTIPLIED

One Convenient Package

The multi-store module gives you the capability and convenience of operating all of your locations without requiring multiple system operators. Instead, you can sit down at one location and perform all of the regular tasks included in Windward System Five, including:

  • File maintenance
  • Promotion setups
  • Inventory transfers
  • Order processing for multiple buying locations

Here's the best part: all of this information can be automatically distributed overnight, or in real-time, to other locations without disrupting regular business. The system uses various communication formats to send information to all stores while you sleep.

The dealer management software also allows you to quickly access each store operation from any location. Simply dial up any store and perform the system functions you require.

System Five Fits Your Needs

One of the great things about our dealer management software is that you can customize its features to fit your operations. System Five's multi-store module has extensive features and utilities for the multi-branch environment. We’ve designed it from the ground up to deliver seamless functionality, whether your company has two stores or 200.

Updated Sales and Inventory

Need to review item sales and inventory totals for each of your locations first thing in the morning? Thanks to the system's automated overnight communications feature, that crucial sales information is now just a keystroke away.

Instead of reordering stock and increasing your inventory, use the multi-store software features to access and utilize excess stock from other locations. The module helps you easily pinpoint overstocked operations and adjust stock levels based on sales.

Windward’s dealer management software allows you to make informed buying decisions by putting the complete sales and inventory information from all stores right at your fingertips. The multi-store module produces, sends and updates transfer files from location to location, making inventory control and maintenance of multiple stores a lot more manageable.

See inventory across multiple locations in one view
Compare staff sales performance across branches
Windward has designed multi-store business management software with teams in mind

Create a Master Store

Your business might have multiple locations, but it’s best to view your operation as a single enterprise. Our dealer management software helps you achieve this by consolidating all of your data into a single master store. For instance, it’s useful to have a master customer database because you never know when a client will walk into a different branch to shop. By having their account information available to all stores, they’ll receive faster service that’s tailored to their needs.

To manage your company-wide inventory, it helps to maintain a master item record store, as well as warehouse group inventory levels. In doing so, you’ll be better equipped to monitor direct store deliveries and warehouse distribution.

Multi-Store Teamwork

While operating multiple stores has its challenges, there are also benefits that can be realized by using dealer management software. If one store is short on a particular product, you can use either warehouse stock distribution or store transfers to make up the shortfall. Transfers can be performed manually or automatically, and it’s even possible to sell from one store and, with permission, have the item be collected later.

This teamwork approach also applies to your staff members. They can ‘float’ between branches without being lost in the payroll system.

Special Reports and Messages

Sometimes, you might need to share sensitive information with a specific branch or department. You can set permission levels to direct this information only to those who need it. You can also flag specific branches for various purposes, including reporting, collection or system letters.


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