Inventory Management Software: The Cost of Stock Imbalances

Inventory Management Software: The Cost of Stock Imbalances

Effective inventory control is often regarded as one of the cornerstones for success in business. Having overstocked items can inflate overhead costs while too many out-of-stock items can cause your customer satisfaction levels to take a nosedive. It’s one of the reasons why many companies today use inventory management software to find a balance.

3 Ways Inventory Control Software Will Streamline Your Business Operations

Having reliable inventory control software will add efficiency to any operation in the retail and customer service sectors.Being able to track your inventory through each stage of the supply chain is critical to the smooth and efficient operation of any retail operation. Having inventory control software that can achieve that while offering fully integrated POS capabilities is a powerful tool for…

Windward Gets Hands-on with Accounting and Inventory POS Software Workshop

Penticton training event offers immersive learning experience PENTICTON, BC--Different people learn in different ways. Windward Software is well aware of that, and it's a big reason why they choose to host an accounting and inventory POS software workshop each year at their headquarters in Penticton.It would be far easier and less expensive to organize an online webinar with the 19 attendees--some…

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