Windward Gets Hands-on with Accounting and Inventory POS Software Workshop

Penticton training event offers immersive learning experience PENTICTON, BC--Different people learn in different ways. Windward Software is well aware of that, and it's a big reason why they choose to host an accounting and inventory POS software workshop each year at their headquarters in Penticton.It would be far easier and less expensive to organize an online webinar with the 19 attendees--some…

Are your prices UNSAFE?

Do you feel confident in the prices that you are currently selling at?  Are they making you the margin you expect?  Our clients often get surprised to find their margins were worse than they thought.  And their costs did not accurately reflect costing updates from their suppliers, accurate freight or even currency fluctuations.  If you suspect you could be experiencing margin erosion, continue…

10 years later

In 2002 Retailing Today identified "The 12 hot issues facing mass retailing" See how to get your girlfriend back The above link will take you to a more in-depth explanation of the dozen of issues but here they are in a few words or less plus, in parentheses, an off the cuff gut feel of 10 years later. The demand for new and trendy products (no change). Financial reform…

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