Windward Support Bookings 

While it is possible to complete updates on your own, some instances require an appointment with Customer Care. Whether you do the update yourself or with our guidance we strongly recommend updating your training dataset to review and introduce any new functionality to your team in a controlled environment prior to completing the update to your live system.

Tips for scheduling effective appointments

  • Book your training and live updates together, so you get them both on the calendar.
  • Space the updates about a week apart so that you have time to test core functionality for your business.
  • Please note all staff will need to be logged out of whichever dataset is being updated, so pick a time that works for everyone.

In order to serve you best, Windward Software typically has blackout periods for the following holidays:

  • Easter weekend
  • Mother's day weekend
  • May Long weekend
  • Black Friday/Cyber Monday
  • Christmas/New Years holidays