No Need to Start from Scratch

By leveraging your existing Windward System Five records (inventory, accounting, and customer management) with Windward Software, configuring and operating your website will be simplified and more profitable, while requiring less administrative time.

Whether your website is for 100, 1,000 or 10,000 products,  Windward Software's E-Commerce integrations are flexible enough to manage it effectively.

  • Online and In-store inventory is kept in sync.
  • Options Suited for B2B & B2C markets
  • Easily create dedicated eCommerce price schedules
  • Leverage existing System Five records for fast integration.
  • Participate in Global sales and marketing opportunities.

Grow Your Business

When it comes to growing your business, sometimes it's as simple as reaching your market in more efficient ways. With the increasing proliferation of online sales channels, why not expand your reach internationally and capitalize on the global markets?

With Windward Software's flexible e-commerce options, you decide exactly how you want your website to fit into your business plan. Windward Software gives you the control you need to create an Internet presence that reflects your marketing plan.


Windward Connector Items on woo
Display Online Inventory

Display Online Inventory

Some businesses choose to just showcase their inventory through visually pleasing catalog options available by third-party carts. 

Using any of Windward's E-Commerce options, you can configure how your products are displayed online, as well as what information you want with them:

  • Product name
  • Description
  • Price
  • Quantity available
  • And more

You can also feature certain products to highlight them for marketing purposes. The effective use of product images and descriptions will help build your brand online.

Automated E-Commerce

Users of the Windward online POS system benefit from many integrated features and automated processes that help streamline your business:

  • Real-time inventory and accounting updates
  • Leverage your current Brick and Mortar staff and procedures
  • Generate Picklists for your in-house shipping department

Also, whenever changes to pricing or inventory are carried out in Windward System Five, they’re automatically adjusted online. There’s no need for manual alterations, so there’s no duplication of effort. When you want to upload information to your web store, it’s all done through System Five.


Automated E Commerce Features

Market and Sell Globally

With Windward's E-Commerce integrations, your sales aren’t dictated by conventional store hours. You can build global sales and overcome geographical limitations by being ‘open for business’ 24/7 - 365. Don't be restricted to brick and mortar.

Your online marketing efforts can bring in additional sales both for your online store and offline locations. Extend your reach globally and build off of search engine tracking. Windward Connector will get your foot in the door for marketing online and increasing your exposure internationally.

Cater to Your Customers

Implementing effective ways to connect with and engage customers online is essential for building a loyal online following. 

When designing your website, your developer can leverage Windward System Five data to populate the site. We integrate to third-party carts, so that you can leverage best-in-class web tools.Move Slow-moving Inventory

If you have a product that’s moving slowly, you can use Windward's Connector to promote online-only deals and offer discounts and coupons to boost sales and increase site traffic. You can use these same tactics to promote new products or services.

It's like magic... inventory records in Winward System Five automatically keep your website product pages up-to-date

Bring Your Products and Services to the Customer

Convenience is an important factor in customer satisfaction, and what could be easier than offering online sales? It eliminates customer travel time by bringing your products and services right to their doorstep. Having a website that’s simple to navigate  makes it easier for customers to search the ‘aisles’ of your virtual store to find the products they need faster.

Designed with Business Owners in Mind

Windward's E-Commerce is designed for business owners that are looking to grow with technology. Our entire system is designed to be user-friendly. With one-click purchase authorization, you can quickly approve sales and the corresponding transactions are processed in real-time for your record keeping.


Windward's E-Commerce integrates seamlessly with Windward System Five to ensure that the information that is displayed on your website is current and accurate. The system provides real-time inventory control, customer relationship management, and backend accounting for both your online and offline business.


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