Mobile Point of Sale

With mobile point of sale systems, retailers and service companies are helping employees become more productive while lowering labor costs. And because transactions are carried out electronically, instead of written manually, accuracy is increased.

A New Way of Selling

We all realize the overwhelming influence mobile technology is having on our lives. The continued impact of wireless connections has altered the way we shop and sell.

Some retailers are replacing centralized checkouts and letting clerks use tablets and portable computers to complete transactions. Representatives answer customer questions, check stock and finalize sales with handheld devices. Mobile POS solutions are useful in pretty much any field.

Boost Productivity

With mobile point of sale systems, retailers and service companies are helping employees become more productive while lowering labor costs. And because transactions are carried out electronically, instead of written manually, accuracy is increased.

  • Mobile POS solutions are ideal for retail and service companies
  • Increase speed and accuracy of transactions
  • Increase employee productivity, reduce labor costs
  • Make sales anywhere inside your store
  • Make sales off-site including credit card processing
  • Provide enhanced customer service
  • Add a quick checkout in peak periods to shorten lines
Windward's Mobile POS solution works perfect when there isn't a checkout counter in sight<br>

Customer Service Anywhere

No matter where your customers are in the store, mobile POS solutions allow them to receive fast, informative service on the spot. By arming your employees with handheld checkout devices, they’ll expedite the purchasing process.

For service-based businesses, your office might be someone else’s living room. For instance, a carpet cleaning company can use mobile POS software out in the field to complete transactions onsite, offer other services and check account information.

Indoor / Outdoor Retail Environments

Windward's mobile POS solutions works outside of the store too. You can also bring them with you outside, or even on the road. They’re ideal for unique applications such as:

  • Garden centers
  • Field service workers
  • Trade shows
  • Stadiums (food sales, 50/50 tickets etc.)
  • Outdoor sales environments
Create an virtual checkout - Mobile POS is great for handling peak days or busy seasons<br>

Line Busting

Line busting is a term that describes how retailers are using mobile POS solutions to break up the lines that form at checkout counters. If customers are forced to wait too long in a queue, they might become impatient and walk out before completing the transaction. By equipping employees with handheld POS devices, they can carry out transactions anywhere in the store.

Not only can you conduct sales anywhere, you can create error-free, detailed receipts on the spot. If a customer is looking for a stock check or needs additional product information, the employee can access it with the handheld device.

Speed Up Checkout

Windward mobile POS solutions provide a great method for speeding up your checkout processes. It also creates opportunities for staff to engage customers and subsequently create quick and efficient customer service, for the best brand experience possible.

This application is adapted to today's fast-paced market and customers that demand increased service and speed. Our goal is to help you provide the best customer experience possible, and increase your operational performance by incorporating timesaving solutions into your operations.

Some of our handy checkout features include:

  • Customer account details
  • ID scanner (Drivers license to add customer details)
  • Integrated credit card processing
  • Cash drop
Many companies enjoy the freedom of processing payments with our Mobile POS and a card reader<br>

Hardware Recommendations

  • For Windward’s mobile POS solutions, you are required to use devices with Windows 10 Professional.  
  • We recommend that you use a Microsoft Surface Pro or similar device.
  • For integrated payment processing try Worldpay from FIS
  • Windward System Five supports many makes, models and types of printers.
  • The recommended products and manufacturers above are by no means exhaustive. Windward System Five is designed to work with an array of hardware and equipment. If you have any specific hardware inquiries, please contact us toll-free at 1-800-663-5750

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Additional Mobile POS Functions

  • Add and remove items
  • Modify quantity with one click
  • Add line comments
  • Handle basic, non-inventory and miscellaneous items
  • Discounting of invoice (by dollar amount or percentage)
  • Cancel sale or park a sale
  • Handle waiver requirements
  • Issue refunds

Selling Aids

To assist you in conducting transactions, we’ve built a lot of flexibility into our mobile POS app so you can provide the most effective selling methods. These selling aids include:

  • Showing counts and totals by sale invoice type (filtered by invoice type)
  • Recalling cancelled, parked and in-progress sales
  • Inventory checks for clerks and customers


Having reporting capabilities within your business is important, and that's exactly why Windward Software has transferred the superb reporting abilities from our traditional System Five business management system to our mobile POS solutions.

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