Equipment Rental Business management made simple

With Windward Software's rental management software, you can get customers in and out quickly, control inventory and scheduling, instantly see up-selling opportunities, rent and sell on the same invoice, and earn more profit by automating your business processes from point-of-sale (POS) to asset management.


Start working smarter with Windward’s rental software to make invoicing, inventory, CRM, and accounting that much simpler.

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Optimize Your Rental Operation

Effective Inventory Management

Know where your rental inventory is at all times and stay on top of your maintenance with Windward System Five’s detailed scheduling program. No matter what sector of the rental industry your business takes part in, you’ll manage your inventory with ease from rental reservations to the return of your property.

All-in-One Business Management

Meet all of your business management needs with the best in equipment rental business software. Windward System Five is fully integrated, meaning individual modules work in unison to streamline every aspect of your operation whether you're a small business or a larger-scale equipment rental operation.

Windward Expert Support

Operate with the reassurance that Windward Software’s expert support staff is with you every step of the way in your business model, maintaining the best workflow possible. From the installations to training to utilization, we offer live global support seven days a week. We’re not happy until you are.

Equipment Rental Business Software Features

Manage your rental business from start to finish with Windward System Five

Point of Sale

Engage customers and increase profits by equipping your sales staff with the best rental equipment software to provide an exceptional level of customer service. Transform transactions from the point of rental to the return of small and large equipment.

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With Windward Software, you can enjoy greater inventory control as a site owner with barcoding for faster checkout service, improved customer satisfaction, fewer errors, and quicker stock checks. This lets you control everything from billing and bookings to equipment rental returns.

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Signature Capture

Reduce paperwork with Windward's rental system that streamlines administrative processes and incorporates a higher level of security with our POS software’s electronic signature capture capabilities. Have the peace of mind of easier asset management for your rental operation.

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Multi-store POS

Windward's rental management software keeps your operations running smoothly and cohesively with user-friendly dashboards to track services. Oversee your operations from a single location and communicate business-critical information between branches for businesses of any size.

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Credit Card Processing

With Windward Software’s integrated credit card processing, you’ll be able to conduct credit, debit, and gift card transactions quickly, accurately, and securely. Any type of rental business from party supplies to power equipment transform its process with greater peace of mind that important cardholder information is safely stored away.

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By integrating your online and offline operations, Windward Software helps you keep administrative costs down while maintaining tight control over your expanding inventory. This lets users sell consumables online and represent rental assets you have for customers.

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Business Management

Windward System Five helps business owners operate better, market smarter, and work more efficiently. This rental equipment software provides you with the knowledge and control to drive profits from basic features for invoicing to more in-depth tracking of accounting procedures.

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Inventory Control

Control your inventory, track inventory movement, optimize stock levels and improve your cost control measures through reports with Windward's unique approach to contract management. You'll have the best picture of equipment availability in comparison to work orders and current rentals that are being utilized.

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Customer Management

Windward Software helps you create a database with your customer information to provide a smoother, more personal shopping experience, and increase your selling and marketing opportunities. From reservations to payment processing, this rental software provides the best oversight of invoicing, inventory, CRM, accounting, and more.

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General Ledger

Rental companies no longer have to rely on physical spreadsheets to monitor their expenses. Windward Software's integrated accounting software allows you to view, print, enter and report data quickly and conveniently, providing and simple, error-free way of managing your books.

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Serial Number Tracking

Equipment tracking is crucial for any business in the rental industry. Windward provides the safety net that businesses need for that extra level of inventory management, our software provides serial number tracking capabilities so you know where your product is at all times.

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Admin & Control

Windward Software empowers rental company employees with the access and information they need to perform their jobs properly, without compromising security or confidential data. With everything from an inventory management system to a back-end accounting system, owners and operators are in the driver's seat with Windward System Five.

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Financial Reporting

Windward System Five helps you track and compare rental company performance with P&L statements that deliver the scope across all vendors within a given region. Use balance sheets to determine your financial standing, while also understanding renters' needs.

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Customer Reporting

With Windward Software, you'll have remarkable insight into the people that matter most to your business - your customers. Beyond rental management, you'll understand the needs of buyers and technicians, while combing through customer data across all processes.

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Create Your Own Reports

The beauty of Windward's custom report designer is that you can analyze the details that matter most to you. This can range from everything including pickups of equipment to inspections, making sure as a small business owner that you are on top of your staff across multiple locations, inventory levels, and other areas of interest.

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SMB & Enterprise Editions

Windward System Five is available in two versions: SMB lets you choose the modules you need most. Enterprise comes fully loaded to provide the most comprehensive rental business management system available. You'll recognize all that this rental management solution truly has to offer.

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Installed or Cloud

Choose from two options for deploying our equipment rental business Management software: through a tried and tested local installation, or by using our innovative cloud-based Windward Cloud model. Either format is designed to reduce equipment downtime while promoting technological advances within the system.

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Software Integrations

Configure Windward’s business management software to handle rental industry-specific processes and integrate with systems you already have in place. You'll be able to enjoy key features of the software while keeping tabs on all available rentals.

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Recommended POS Hardware

Windward System Five point of sale software supports a range of optional hardware to help your business run smoothly - scanners, printers, computers, touch screens, and more.

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Fail Safe Technology

Whether you need reliable backup to protect against system failure, or you need to synchronize information across multiple locations, Windward’s fail-safe technology has got your back. The right planning software makes sure that any equipment rental company is prepared to handle any level of business.

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Expert Support

Windward offers phone support, virtual assistance through screen sharing, or on-site support depending on edition and plan. Self-help is always available 24/7 through our extensive knowledge base.

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Windward's comprehensive training materials are available for all customers. Whether you're just getting going or just need to train a new employee on one thing, you'll love the video library and how-tos. You'll have peace of mind that your staff is in the know on inventory control, accounting, and more.

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Maintenance and support packages are available for customers that like an ongoing support team available to fine tune software features. Our experts will handle the software issues so you can focus on your bottom line.

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Designed with your everyday tasks in mind

Windward System Five goes way beyond a basic POS system by adding a suite of features that rental companies need.

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Designed For Both Rentals & Sales

Windward Software's equipment rental software includes point-of-sale technology, reservation management, inventory control, and integrated accounting designed to help you run your rental business, instead of just reporting on it. You’ll be able to monitor efficiency and profits by tracking every transaction from payment gateways in detail to meet document management needs. This applies to both long-term (e.g. monthly) and short-term (e.g. daily or weekly) equipment rentals.

Inventory Types

Equipment rental inventory can be moved from rental to retail and back effortlessly. Prices can also be marked down according to condition, allowing companies to keep track of depreciation through the rental process.

Serial Number for Inventory Support

Sales, warranties, and floor planning are all tied to the serial number of each piece of construction equipment. With some warranties lasting 10 years or more, the issue is more important now than ever. Windward Software's serial number control is superior to others because it's based on real-time data and inventory tracking.

Rental History

If you have equipment that gets rented for months at a time, our recurring rentals feature lets you create a template for your customer. Windward System Five helps you create invoices and even process credit cards with the click of a button. Rental history can be quickly displayed on-screen or printed, showing the past history of a piece of equipment for any date range selected.

Our rental management software keeps track of equipment and history with serial numbers

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Real customers, real results.


Altra Rental & Supply

Windward Software's Rental POS Edition has revolutionized the way we do business. It allows us to track the full history of every single item: rentals, repairs, warranty, sale date, owner, etc. If a barcode does not come with the item from the manufacturer, it is easy to generate one using the Windward solution.

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e-commerce settings

Upselling Made Easy

Additional supplies can be automatically suggested or added to invoices with Windward's equipment management system. For example, renting a photocopier may also prompt the salesperson to ask if the customer would like extra toner or paper. Renting construction equipment may prompt the salesperson to ask if the customer would like an additional tank of propane. This allows you to effortlessly increase your ‘add-on’ sales to generate extra revenue for a seamless customer experience and greater profit for your business.

Touchscreen Technology

You can create either a global (system-wide) or local (this workstation only) button layout for your equipment sales. This allows certain key features to be displayed in an intuitive fashion that supports any aspect of your rental business.

E-Commerce Solutions

Whatever your Internet goals, Windward has E-Commerce solutions with customizable shopping cart options to help your business succeed online. This powerful software package integrates your online and offline businesses, providing you with optimal control and flexibility.

Audio / Visual Rentals

Whether renting equipment for big movie productions or family birthday parties, Windward's rental software can be tailored to suit the unique AV sub-sector where the core value is customer relationships. This includes:

  • Teaching customers how to use equipment
  • Servicing rental and non-rental equipment
  • Deliveries
  • Upselling lights, cameras, and other equipment

In order to manage all these things, you need to have a strong and robust rental management solution that frees up your time to spend with each and every customer.

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General Ledger Navigator

Accounting Features

Windward’s rental software is a more complete solution than many of its competitors. With years of experience and knowledge of the customer base, this software application comes fully integrated with a built-in accounting program so you can manage all of your company's accounting needs in one convenient package. The system includes a general ledger, accounts payable, check writing, financial statements, and much more. There’s no need to switch programs or duplicate your entries which makes things easier on your business operations. Windward System Five is also fully scalable so that as your business grows, our rental software grows with you.

Easy Access to Rental Equipment

Your customers will enjoy fast and efficient checkouts of on-hand rental inventory and easy reservations. With Windward Software, payment methods can be configured by time period, and the system can be set up to automatically incorporate late fees and reservation updates. Rental equipment is easily set up to streamline operations for customers and businesses alike. Based on individual items or groups of similar items, equipment rental inquiries are quickly performed allowing you to answer most inquiries over the phone with a familiar interface.

Lawn and Garden Rentals Made Easy

More than any other sub-segment of the rental industry, lawn & garden businesses have to be able to do it all:

  • Service inventory and products
  • Deal with warranties and brands you may not even sell or rent
  • Sell or rent to contractors and DIYers
  • Provide a one-stop-shop for everything related to your customers' projects

If your customer is installing an irrigation system, you have to be able to rent a trencher, sell irrigation pipe and fittings, and/or service sprinkler heads. Having essential documents for construction equipment is a must.

What's more, there’s never really a seasonal downtime in the lawn and garden sector. These products are always at their highest demand. As soon as fall projects come to completion, snow removal starts. After that, spring vigor brings retaining walls and water features.

Create Time for Your Customers

Windward’s rental software solutions manage all of the back-end processes, freeing you and your staff to build customer relationships. You can show a weekend warrior how to operate construction equipment, making sure they have the right tools for the job to get it done with the greatest of ease. Your customer-facing teams will enjoy more time focusing on landing deals and customer satisfaction.


Our rental software will also save you time by streamlining inventory management, order tracking, quote creation, reservations, and contract printing. 

What's Working in Your Business? Reports Will Tell You

Windward’s powerful reports give your company all of the information it needs to make informed decisions about your rental business.  Report on sales, customers, staff, departments, and even multiple locations - find out where the money is made and lost.

Elegant Seaside Wedding

A Party They Won’t Forget

Windward’s event and party rental software for businesses is all about customer relationships. Whether it's a birthday party or a wedding, every customer expects the event to be perfect. The chairs need to be just right, the silverware must sparkle...basically, everything has to go off without a hitch. Whether you’re selling consumables or renting equipment (or both), Windward’s rental software can make it happen.

From Quote to Pickup

In the party and events supply rental business, you’re usually involved with the client from the moment you start quoting.  You need a strong rental software solution that allows you to focus on building customer relationships and providing the best service possible. Windward System Five manages at any level of operations so that you can manage your business efficiently and smoothly in the short term and the long run.

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