Efficiency and Usage Services

Doctor workplace with digital tablet and stethoscope-47393366_Full.ca1575b4Streamline your operations with our Business Efficiency Check-in.

Our dedicated Professional Services team will evaluate your current workflow using System Five. We'll find out what matters most to your business and will provide valuable recommendations on where new processes can be implemented to enhance efficiency for you, your team, and your organization.

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Inventory is critical to your business. Windward Professional Services can help identify methods to keep you in control of one of your most critical assets. Inventory level monitoring, making adjustments to maintain proper inventory levels, and understanding where you are losing margins are key to business success. These Professional Services sessions are meant to assess, recommend and coach you on Inventory Management within System Five.

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Excessive stock can kill your cash flow; while not enough can lead to missed opportunities. Inventory reorder points and highs should be monitored at least quarterly. This 5-hour course will show you how to set Re-Order Points and determine how much to order when it's time. Your instructor will give you the formulas, guide you in the calculations, and import the results.

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Inventory sitting on your store shelves will not sell itself! Our Professional Services team can help you with tools and techniques to market your merchandise, track your sales progress, and understand where your sales are originating from so you can maintain strong customer relationships. 

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Transaction data is so valuable in today’s business, specifically if you can report in it. Many stock reports exist in System Five, however in this Professional Services package, you will also be coached on how to develop your own custom reports. In addition to creating your own reports, our team can assist you with recognizing the value of running various sales reports to understand where your revenue is being generated from.

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Using barcodes provides efficiency and accuracy in your business. This Professional Services package will walk you through how to assign barcodes to your products, as well as techniques for scanning at Point of Sale and Purchasing. An assessment will begin the project to understand how best to delivery barcoding for your business and meet your objectives.

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Inventory value is an accumulation of stock on hand at the landed cost of the stock. Ledger value represents the accumulation of vendor invoices for stock received that has yet to be sold. Many vendors do not issue invoices at the same time the stock is received in your business, leaving Inventory value and ledger value not in sync. This Professional Services package will provide you with best practices for making any necessary stock adjustments, matching vendor invoices to PO value, and techniques for reconciling the two.

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High and Low quantity against stock is an effective way of controlling re-ordering. Understanding the fluctuation of demand for your merchandise is key. This Professional Services package will guide you through analyzing your sales trends and using data to manage your high/low order points to keep the stock you need on the shelves.

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Transactional data goes into System Five daily, and the result is reporting that helps direct business decisions. This Professional Services package will provide best practices around keeping your transactional data intact. Mistakes can occur, which is why we have reconciliation techniques to detect them and ensure your financial reporting is accurate.

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Using the Calendar function in System Five offers scheduling capabilities, reminders for appointments and the ability to manage multiple resources and the time spent. Delivery drivers, technicians and sale staff can manage their daily activities and stay on top of business activities.

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Fixed Assets in System Five is a module that allows you to manage your assets life and depreciation. Assets can be owned equipment that may be rented to customers, or that is used internally to maintain business. When is it time to dispose of an asset or sell it because it has depreciated? This Professional Services package will begin with an assessment to understand your business need for Fixed Asset tracking, and then guide you through the setup and configuration to begin tracking asset values and depreciation.

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Data integrity issues can occur for a variety of reasons and can go unnoticed. Identifying errors that may have been caused by a user, or technology is critical to ensure accuracy of your reporting. This Professional Services package will guide you through a review of any integrity errors you may have in your software and understanding key area’s to monitor and keep the health of your software in tact. Bringing best practices for periodic integrity checks and maintenance will give you piece of mind that your decisions are based on accurate information you obtain from System Five.

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Role-Based Services


Service is an important revenue stream for a business and has much more to it than a standard retail customer purchase.

This Windward Professional Services package will teach you how to manage the service aspects of your business in Windward System Five.

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Your Warehouse manager or staff can learn through instruction on best practices for receiving stock, using deliveries for shipping, how labels can bring efficiency to the warehouse and barcoding. Location management can be utilized using the location field against inventory to assign locations to stock for label printing and picking stock.

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Your customer facing staff are critical to your business and understanding how to best utilize System Five for Point of Sale and customer management will keep your customers satisfied and coming back. This Professional Services package will provide your staff with front line efficiencies at POS, best practices for end of day cash out, the benefits to using gift cards and utilizing the touchscreen interface design to streamline processing orders.

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Inventory sitting on your store shelves will not sell itself! Our Professional Services team can help you with tools and techniques to market your merchandise, track your sales progress, and understand where your sales are originating from so you can maintain strong customer relationships. 

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Technical Project Services

  • Installation of a blank Dataset
  • Re-Configuration of System Five
  • Data Imports
  • Inventory Configuration
  • Starting values

Professional Services will work with your business to provide you with a fresh start to System Five. This will be with a dataset clear of any data, just as a new customer to Windward Software. With the guidance of Professional Services, you will re-configure the new dataset making reference to the configuration of your existing dataset. Data, (Customers, Suppliers, and Inventory) can be extracted from the current in use System Five data. Your team can them audit the data to perform any clean up activities of obsolete or invalid records. With the guidance of Professional Services, the clean data lists are imported into the new dataset in preparation for use. Configuration of the inventory where necessary will be performed next (Kits, case breakdown, superseding parts, etc). All forms can be exported from the in-use dataset and imported into the new dataset, and lastly opening balances, (Inventory quantities, starting AR, AP, and Trial Balance) start your new dataset.

Note: No historical information is brought forward into the new dataset, however the historical dataset can be reserved on a workstation for lookup and reporting but will require a single Pervasive license.

  • Integrity Checks
  • Assess AR & AP Sub Ledgers
  • Clearing Trial Balance
  • Opening Trial Balance

If the Accounting section of System Five was not implemented fully or at all, use of System Five will still post transaction to the General Ledger. Without actively using and following best practices for the accounting section, any financial reporting will be inaccurate. This Professional Services package will guide your accounting team through the steps necessary to prepare the accounting module for use. This will include running and tending to any Integrity messages. These are errors within the system that will likely have gone unnoticed as checking integrity is part of best practices for the accounting module. Assessing the accuracy of any Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable transactions. Your accounting team will then be guided through clearing the existing Trial Balance to zero as of a given date, entering an opening trial balance and any needed AR and AP transactions to start using accounting in System Five. Note: You will be required to provide the values for the opening Trial Balance. These values cannot be obtained from current data given the accounting was not in use. Consult your accountant for assistance if needed.

  • Pervasive Upgrade (if required)
  • System Five update (if required)
  • System Five Training program and data files migrated to new server
  • System Five program and data files migrated to new server
  • Payroll program and data files migrated to new server
  • NetEpay installation and configuration on new server (if required)
  • Windward Connect installation and configuration (if required)
  • WEAR Installation and configuration (if required)
  • API reconfiguration (if needed)
  • Terminal mapping to the new server

A new server in your business requires duplicating everything from your current server to your new one. Professional services will work with a member of your team to transfer and reconfigure all products and services that are related to System Five. Prior to transferring any files, an assessment of System Five and Pervasive for the version will be completed and any necessary updates will be performed. The actual migration to move all System Five files will be scheduled and performed from start to finish to reduce the impact on your business as System Five will not be accessible during this work. The System Five application and all of your System Five data will be transferred to the new server. Subsequent activities will include any payment processing applications (NetEpay) and any supporting System Five applications will be transferred and configured (Windward Connect, WEAR, and Web API). Additional work will include mapping your existing terminals to the new server. This can be completed by our technical team, or we can show a member of your team how to perform this task and you can complete the mapping. Note: The cost of this service will depend on the work effort involved and will be quoted based on an initial assessment.

  • Integrity Checks
  • Assess AR & AP Sub Ledgers
  • Clearing Trial Balance
  • Opening Trial Balance
  • Reserved copy of System Five data for seller

If a business is sold that uses System Five to manage the business, it may be a a requirement that the seller retain a copy of the data for historical lookup, tax purposes, and even resolving outstanding AR and AP if this was part of the sale. For this unique situation, a Ledger restart is performed to provide a clean start in the ledger for the new owner. (Please see previous package for details) Prior to performing the ledger restart, a copy is taken for the seller who can have this installed on a separate computer for use. If the computers are not part of the sale, the installation will be for the new owner with a copy of the dataset being installed for continued use. Depending on the work effort involved in installation, additional charges may apply. The purchase of Pervasive licensing will be required for all installations that exceed the current user count for the business.

  • Assessment of data for import
  • Test import into Training
  • Import into Live

Customers, Suppliers and Inventory are the main types of data that can be imported into System Five. Kits, Units, Matrix’s and sell through allowances are less common but also are examples of data that can be imported into System Five saving hours of data entry. This Professional Services package will provide assessment of your data for compliance with our data load structure, recommendations for compiling or auditing data in preparation for import, and guidance through the import process. The initial import will be performed in a training directory for validation, followed by the import being performed in your production environment.

Get the Most from Your ERP - Windward System Five

  • Bring a new perspective and solutions to business problems
  • Empower your staff so they can perform at a high level
  • Utilize more features that are included with System Five
  • Add industry specific tools to your deployment
  • The package that is right for your business will be delivered by the most qualified Professional Services Specialist

Custom Development Professional Services Consult

As your business grows and changes, you may become challenged with how to achieve your objective within System 5. Our Business Analyst will seek to understand your business challenge, capture and assess your requirements, and work with our development team to propose a solution. The solution may be existing functionality in the software that when a specific workflow is followed will provide results, or it may be achieved through our custom development process. If custom development is the solution, you will be provided with a formal Software Development Estimate outlining the proposed work and estimated cost. 

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