Getting Started Guide

Getting Started with Windward Software

At Windward Software, we share a passion for technology and what it can do for business. From the time you initially contact us to the time you’re up and running with our business management system, we have procedures in place to make the transition go as smoothly as possible.

Please take a few minutes to read the following seven-step Getting Started Guide to understand how it all unfolds.

1. Inception

 Your Implementation Specialist will contact you to:

  • Schedule an installation
  • Provide you with your custom curriculum
  • Schedule business discovery
  • Prepare your project plan

2. Setup & Data Migration

Information gathered during the Inception phase is used to guide the setup and configuration of the Windward System Five business management system. Data migration, unless additional services are purchased, is the responsibility of the customer. That consists of the compilation and entering/importing of relevant data (customers, suppliers, inventory etc.) from your existing files.

3. Business Solution

Upon reviewing your assigned tutorial information, you’ll then be required to participate in a series of remote instruction sessions to discuss and apply the concepts to your setup. This is when processes are defined in Preparation for Go Live.

4. Prep for Go Live

Go Live is the date you will begin running your business management system. Preparation for this occurs in the weeks leading up to the critical day. This is an important step in the sequence, as it helps ensure all processes are running smoothly, and that all starting balances are prepared, before the actual launch.

5. Go Live!

Launching the business management system consists of brief sessions in the days leading up to, and the days following, the Go Live date. These quick sessions help ensure that preparation is on track, and that all necessary tasks are being completed properly.

6. Post Go-Live Implementation/Project End

This phase involves periodic contact to assist in the final stages of the transition. This will continue for a period of three months after the Go Live date, but shouldn’t exceed the six-month total implementation period.

7. Post Go-Live Support

This includes toll-free phone support for two members of your staff for three months after your Go Live date, not to exceed the six-month total implementation period.

Our goal is to always help our customers succeed, and to show them how to utilize the Windward System Five business management system to its full potential. When you follow our plan, we guarantee a successful implementation. If you have any further questions about Windward Software, please contact our sales staff toll-free at: 1 800-663-5750

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